In this generation, mining also plays more emphasis
on protection than offensive.

Earning a certain profit for a long time.


Cloud mining which performs world's
most conservative operation.


  • 01

    The world's highest
    level of

  • 02

    Machine that combines
    high performance
    and ecology

  • 03

    Visualize every

  • 04

    No knowledge of
    currency is
    required at all

  • 05

    Remitted to your Wallet
    There is no withdrawal


MINING LAB conducts the most conservative mining
operation that can be thought of.
A “Cloud Mining".

In addition to pursuing not only a temporary high profit,
it is conservatively operated but also
many costs to obtain stable long-term profits
as much as possible.
It is designed to prevent rapid maintenance at
the time of machine failure,
large fluctuation in
the value of crypto currency to be mined,
and to prevent unintroducible state as
a result of rising mining difficulties.

In operation for a maximum of 4 years,
by bringing in profits as long as possible.
As a result,we aim to maximize
the interests of participants.

  • Hardware

    Miners has always had
    the latest equipments.
    We are thinking about balancing the high hash rate
    and energy saving technology as
    the first choice.

  • Pool

    The generated hash power is
    connected to the pool.
    MINING LAB has
    the most profitable and
    reliable pool among many pools so
    we Select and connect.

  • Payment

    The profits gained by
    mining will be remitted automatically to the
    address you specified.
    No need to withdraw money
    "My Page"

All mined crypto currencies are
divided according to
the system-wide share to
all HashFlare customers.

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Maining is a way for participants to purchase some of
the mining power of machines owned
by mining service providers.
The service provider sets all of hardware settings,
operation and maintenance.
We will do it the most efficient way.

Mining requires such time, human resources,
cost, and management work in this way.

  • Machine installation environment where there is
    no problem even if noise and heat are generated.
  • Knowledgeable people in mining and blockchains.
  • Vast setting and mounting work.
  • Monitoring and managing for 24 hours on 365 days.
  • Maintenance when machine gets failure.

If it will be MINING LAB's cloud mining,

these are not necessary at all.